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12th May, 2022

Time For a Change of Scenery? Fine & Country’s Top 5 Reasons to Relocate

Time For a Change of Scenery? Fine & Country’s Top 5 Reasons to Relocate

Moving home takes a lot of consideration, particularly when you are looking to relocate to a new city, town, or even country. If you are wondering whether the grass is greener elsewhere, we have outlined some key reasons you may consider the big move after all.

1. You need more space

If you find yourself asking the question, "should I move house?", the chances are that you are looking for more space. Many people upsize when they start planning a family or have simply outgrown their first home. If you live in a city, relocating to a town or village could mean you have more space to begin your next chapter.

2. You need to be closer to schools or colleges

If you have children who need to get to school or college more easily, or you need to be in the right catchment area for them to be accepted in the first place, relocating within easier reach might be just what you all need for a happier life.

3. You need better transport

Finding a place to live with excellent transport links is essential for many families or working professionals, whether it's to avoid long commutes every day, or for expense or environmental reasons. If you live in a rural location where travel can seem to take up a lot of your time, moving to a city may be your solution.

4. You need to be closer to work

A painful commute takes up valuable hours in the day and can leave you feeling too wiped out to enjoy your downtime. Moving to a property closer to work will free up your spare time and maybe even save you the cost of travel expenses, too.

5. You want to upgrade your lifestyle

There are benefits to living in a city versus the countryside and whilst the city offers a vibrant lifestyle and plenty of job opportunities, the reality is that there is a strong chance that a property in the countryside will offer you a larger property for a lower price. If you are wondering, “should I move house?”, knowing that your money could stretch to a more spacious home elsewhere might just help you answer your question. Just make sure to weigh up the pros and cons first.

Fine & Country are here to help

Whatever your reasons to relocate, talk to your local Fine & Country agent about our beautiful properties on the market and let us make your dream move a reality.

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