24th April, 2020

Tips for taking photos and videos of your home

Tips for taking photos and videos of your home

At Fine & Country, we offer a digital solution to face-to-face valuations. Through our Virtual Valuation Service, you can now receive an accurate, professional valuation conducted completely remotely. In order for your estate agent to fully assess your home, you will be asked to provide photos and videos as part of the service.

Here are our top tips for taking photos and videos of your property:

1. Camera

Smartphones work well for taking photos and videos, so there's no need to buy new equipment.

2. Tidy up

Your agent will want to see the key selling points of your home, so make sure the space is clean of clutter beforehand.

3. Lighting

Open your curtains or blinds and turn on all your lights. This will ensure the space is bright and images or footage are as clear as possible.

4. Filming

Take all photos and videos in landscape, not portrait, to ensure you can get as much room in the frame as possible.

5. The right angle

Keep your camera at chest height to ensure your agent can understand the proportions of each room from your perspective.

6. Photography

Position yourself in the very corner of each room to take photos, to show as much of the space as possible.

7. Filming

Slowly sweep the camera from one corner of the room to the other to fully show the space and dimensions of the room.

8. Exterior shots

Remember to include images of the exterior of your home as well. This should include the front and back of the property as well as gardens, driveway and additional land or outbuildings.

9. Room checklist

Make sure you cover every aspect of your home from living areas to the bathrooms.

10. Unusual features

Remember to include images of anything that may impace the value of your home. That may be a spacious garden or a recently renovated kitchen, or any characterful or historic features that are unique to your property.

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