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11th August, 2017

Top 10: The Best Places To Retire Around The World

Top 10: The Best Places To Retire Around The World

Some say that retirement can be some of the best years of your life. After decades of hard work, we all deserve a great retirement and somewhere we can retreat to to enjoy the finer things in life, right? So if you could live anywhere in the world, once you retire, where would it be and why?

From Barbados to Budapest and Australia to America, today we are taking a look at where the top 10 best places to retire around the world are. Let’s begin...

Top 10: The Best Places To Retire Around The World

1. Portugal

Portugal beach

Did you know? Portugal is one of the most popular places for Briton’s to retire to.

Combining its beautiful sunny climate with the lower cost of living than many other places in Spain, and the endless coastline that stretches alongside the historic towns - it’s no surprise as to why this makes the perfect location to enjoy a slower pace of life, right?!

The country offers generous tax incentives, which have tempted many retirees already (with more than 60,000 British people living in the country already!) and they usually prefer the Algarve for the beaches, golf courses and restaurants.

A luxury penthouse suite in Lisbon is just under 8,000,000 EUR, while a three-bedroom townhouse in Lagos can cost around 200,000 EUR.

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2. Barbados

Barbados secluded beach palm trees

If you are looking for a tropical climate with world-class beaches, Barbados could be for you.

The simplicity of retiring here is what brings many Britons to the beautiful island. Those over 60 with sufficient income can apply for Immigrant Status, and after five years it is possible to apply for Permanent Residency.

Did you know? The Caribbean island is only 21 miles long? So fellow retired expats will not be too far away! Much of the island is surrounded by coral reefs, so it’s the perfect place for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Luxury ten-bedroom coastal villas on the island can cost the equivalent of around £30,000,000. A townhouse with two or three bedrooms can cost around £200,000.

3. Spain

Spain cobbled street town plants

Spain is the number one destination for British people choosing to live abroad, with more than 300,000 permanent residents in the country. There are lots of options, with large expat communities in the seaside resorts of Costa Blanca and the Costa Del Sol, as well as the Canary Islands. It’s the perfect destination for those who have holidayed in the country throughout their lives.

Retirees are attracted by affordable homes by the sea, low living costs, and a fantastic climate. Plus, pensioners are entitled to state healthcare and there are great links back to the UK for visits home.

In the affluent area of Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, 12-bedroom lavish villas can cost 40,000,000 EUR. At the other end of the market and in-land, a two-bedroom apartment or townhouse in a village can cost 120,000 EUR.

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4. Australia

Australia, Sydney Opera House city on the water

THE home to every beach-lover, with more than 30,000 kilometres of coastline - it doesn’t surprise us that Australia makes it to number four on our list for the best places to retire to around the world!

Weather-wise, it doesn’t often get unbearably hot like South Asian countries, and cold weather like in Britain is rare.

Those over 55 can apply for a standard retirement visa, which is valid for four years. After that, the visa can be renewed every two years on a rolling basis. This visa does require 750,000 AUD of assets and a minimum net yearly income of 65,000 AUD, including pension income.

Five-bedroom houses with incredible views in Sydney can cost 10,000,000 AUD. A three-bedroom home in the area can cost 650,000 AUD.

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5. Norfolk, UK

Norfolk pier beach seaside

Bringing you a little closer to home with location five because we understand that retiring abroad isn’t for everyone. Those who want to stay close to family members should consider retiring in North Norfolk.

Did you know? Nearly 30% of the population is retired, so there are lots of things to do for the older generation.

The large beaches, old fishing villages and delicious fish and chips make this a great place to retire to and enjoy the outdoors.

Near the seaside, a spacious five-bedroom home can cost £550,000. Traditional semi-detached homes start at £250,000.

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6. Florida, USA

Florida palmtrees and houses on beachfront

The Sunshine State is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the US. There are endless stretches of coastline and waterways, with lots of options to have a beautiful beach house in a secluded location. It is a retirement dream.

What to consider: Getting a visa is not so straight forward. There is no specific retirement visa, so many people choose to stay in the country for six months of the year, usually the winter months when the warm weather is welcome, and move back to the UK for the summer. A type of tourist visa will allow residency for half of the year.

Waterside properties in the desirable areas of Miami can cost over $30,000,000. Smaller waterfront properties can be bought for $400,000.

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7. France

Old town in France with whimsical castle like buildings turrets cottages

“The French climate, food, wine and the laid-back French lifestyle along with the excellent healthcare are some of the reasons that more and more people are choosing to retire to France,” says French Entree.

The Mediterranean regions of Provence or the Languedoc are some of the most popular as they have the warmest climate. Others prefer to search for a picturesque French home in the countryside with easy access to fresh produce.

In the Provence region, historical villas can cost up to 10,000,000 EUR. In land, a three-bedroom house can cost upwards of 300,000 EUR.

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8. Panama

Panama city and palm trees

Did you know? Panama has become one of the world’s top retirement locations.

“Beautiful beaches, lush mountains, rich biodiversity and a capital city that rivals many US and European cities in terms of culture, atmosphere and conveniences entice expats from around the world in search of new experiences and a change of scenery during retirement,” says Investopedia.

It’s easy to move to the country. The Pensionado Visa is suitable for anyone with a monthly income of $1,000. As well as residency, the visa gives great discounts, including 25% off flights (domestic and international), 50% off entertainment, 30% off public transportation and 25% off restaurants.

Luxury properties on the sea front can cost up to $2,500,000. Detached homes start at around $300,000.

9. Canada

Cananda old town with castle

This North American country may not have the hot climate of some of our other choices, but it is a fantastic place to retire. With a laid-back atmosphere, locals who speak English, and stunning scenery, this is a place to get back to nature and enjoy the good life, which is why it makes number nine on our list of the best places to retire to around the world.

What to consider? Similarly to the USA, a tourist visa is acceptable if you want to live in Canada for six months of the year and return to the UK for the other half. Obtaining permanent residence is more difficult, and it is easier to obtain for working professionals, rather than retirees, so start thinking about moving to Canada early if it is your dream retirement location.

A luxury mansion-style home on the outskirts of a major city can cost the equivalent of over £3,000,000. Dethatched homes in rural areas start from around £200,000.

10. Malaysia

Malaysia secluded beach front open water small island location

The locals are friendly in Malaysia, and many speak English. Malay, Chinese and Indian restaurants can be found all over the country, so it is a foodie heaven for many. The main draw to Malaysia is the natural beauty. The countryside is stunning, with endless green hills, and the beaches are beautifully white and sandy with transparent water.

Did you know? Pensions sent over from abroad are not taxed, and the cost of living is very low, so it’s a great way to live. It is easy to apply for a visa, which has a minimum monthly income requirement.

A secluded, luxury beach house in a prime location in Kuala Lumpur can cost up to £1,900,000 and a luxury two-bedroom apartment can cost over £180,000.

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