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5th January, 2017

Top interior design top tips and style predictions for 2017

Top interior design top tips and style predictions for 2017

The new year brings with it a whole host of new must-have trends for the home. After the festive decorations are taken down, it’s time to focus on giving interior design a new lease of life. There’s no better way to refresh a space than by giving it a makeover. We asked design experts to share their top tips and predictions for the coming year. No matter if you want to change cushion colours or embark on a major renovation, they have some ideas for you.

1. Copper continues

“Copper has been huge in interior design for many years and will continue into 2017,” predicts Cato Cooper, Co-owner of The Emporium Somerset in Wellington.

“The trend is extremely easy to incorporate into your own home. The most popular way to do this is by installing copper lighting fixtures. Vintage style bulbs on copper stands are huge right now and look great in the corner of the room, or you can have lighting hanging from copper wiring/piping over the dining table to create a real atmosphere.”

Other designers are also eager to continue the copper trend.

“Copper is an extremely versatile and striking metal,” notes Rachel Winham of Rachel Winham Interior Design. “This new trend has seen an exciting departure from the popular use of brass and chrome, pathing way for a warming glow amongst even the most Scandi of schemes. We love to include copper touches throughout our projects to add a touch of luxury and style. This can be achieved by incorporating metallic accessories into your scheme such as copper metal trays, photo frames or polished copper hardware.”

2. Return to nature

Lauren Matthews, of Lauren Matthews Interiors, predicts that using nature in the home will be a trend that continues through the next 12 months.

“Tropical prints are set to remain on trend for 2017,” she says. “Try updating your sofa with loose scatter cushions in bold tropical, floral or butterfly prints for a fresh, up to date look. Another trend that I think will be prevalent this year is the natural material, cork. Introduce plants in copper, or cork planters to update your look. Plants always offer a cost-effective way of lifting a room in a naturalistic way.”

3. Hygee

No matter how you promounce it, hygge was the word on everyone’s lips at the end of 2016.

“Hygge is a Danish term to describe the feeling of being all warm and cosy,” explains Rachel Winham from Rachel Winham Interior Design. “This has been translated into the world of interiors predominantly through Scandi-inspired schemes and furniture, which will continue into the New Year.

“In our projects, we like to add a touch of hygge to living rooms by draping soft fur or cashmere throws over sofas and accessorising with plenty of candles and Scandi-inspired artwork. Not just for winter, this trend will see us mixing wood with metal come summer, as well as focusing on the perfect outdoor entertaining space to enjoy with friends and family.”

Take the trend to the floor with this idea from Peter Keane from The Natural Wood Floor Company.

“With Danish hygge becoming ever more popular, add texture to your home with rattan, faux fur and lots of wood flooring because when it comes to design, you can't top nature.”

4. Go for Green

Greenery is due to take interiors by storm in 2017, following Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ announcement. It’s a colour that designer Clarissa Hulse has always loved and has worked into her palette for SS17 with a gorgeous new bed linen, Prairie.

“Green is a fantastic colour and I love using it, as both a neutral and a statement by itself. There are so many beautiful shades and they all look great contrasting with other colours,” comments Clarissa.

Rachel Winham Interior Design are also aware of the trend and say it is the perfect hue to lead us into spring.

“Too bright for you?” Rachel asks. “Personally, we aren’t ready to end our love affair with its richer, more emerald tinted contemporary which proved a huge hit in 2016. We have used it en masse in a study, and also as upholstery, to create a dramatic and interesting departure from the generic use of neutral tones.”

Lauren Matthews is another designer that is embracing green this year. “The colour represents new beginnings, personal passions and desires. Greenery can be teamed with earthy tones for a tranquil vibe, or rev it up with punchier hues, such as blazing yellow, dazzling blue and orange.”

5. Kitchen update

The demand for wall hung kitchen furniture is going to get stronger in 2017, according to Wayne Dance at InHouse.

“This trend is so much more than just the latest design fad - it's an evolution in kitchen design that redefines how we see our living spaces. The last few years have seen a seismic shift in the way we use our homes, with open-plan, multi-functional living spaces becoming not just normal, but expected. Kitchens are no longer just a functional space, but where we cook, socialize and work.

“The latest wall hung designs gain influence from a multitude of sources, from the pared down efficiency of the professional kitchen to the very best of German design and engineering. Kitchen cabinets are no longer just cupboards, they have evolved into beautiful furniture.”

6. Soft gold lighting

“Next year is all about soft gold,” says Sian Parsons, Senior Designer at John Cullen Lighting. “The industrial age has softened and is glowing, with everything from pendants, light switches, handles and taps making their way into gold finishes. And this isn’t the brassy finish from previous years; it’s warm and dusky and adds a real luxury factor to your home.”

7. Early popular colour

“Navy is definitely a colour to watch out for in early 2017,” predicts Cato Cooper.

“If you want to incorporate the navy look into your home you could start with small accessories such as cushions or throws, or if you want to go all out you could paint a statement piece of furniture such as a sideboard in a navy shade.”

Interior designer Lauren Matthews agrees. “Navy blue is said to be the new black,” she says. “Navy blue is a classy, traditional colour that can be teamed up with many finishes and colour schemes, particularly neutral coloured metals like gun metal, which is also predicted to become a focus in 2017.”

8. Subtle grey

Peter Keane from the Natural Wood Floor Company predicts that grey will be in vogue for 2017. “Be careful not to go overboard or your home will be more cell block than cool.”

“Use grey as a canvas, but add splashes of colour, texture and wall art to brighten up a room,” he says. “Our new brushed Dusk grey boards offer a bold modern feel that will tie in beautifully with the new trends for 1920s bling, Nordic simplicity and botanicals.”

9. Move away from Scandi

It’s been a buzz word in interior design, but now Emma Barber of EB Interiors predicts that 2017 will be the year when this trend starts to fade.

“The ‘blend in’ look is slowly becoming a thing of the past and people are enjoying their space and making it their own. We are beginning to venture forth from the Scandinavian minimal sleek lines, white walls, in favour of experimentation.”

“Our homes are an extension of our personalities and we are all so different, so why should are our homes conform to a catalogue?” she asks.

10. On-trend extension

For those ready to make a big investment to increase the value of a home as well as update and improve it, an extension could be worthwhile.

“Our clients are carefully considering ways to maximise the value of their most important asset – their home,” says Roselind Wilson, Owner & Creative Director of Roselind Wilson Design.

“Basement builds have become increasingly popular as the cost implication of gaining the extra square footage is much less than the cost to acquire a new home with the same square footage. An orangery is also a cost-effective way to maximise square footage and create value that can’t be achieved elsewhere. The popularity of orangeries has soared over the past few years and will continue to do so as they are an ideal solution to provide a sense of the outdoors with the advantage of being an additional room in the home. The brickwork allows more privacy than a conservatory, as well as providing better insulation. Like an extension, an orangery adds to the square footage of a home, which increases the value considerably.”

11. Florals for spring

As the nights get lighter, it’s great to be able to celebrate the arrival of spring in the home.

Emma Niskanen, Head of Global Sales at Vallila, says: “The floral trend is an enduring one that evolves each year. This season, there are some stunning, bold designs emerging that play dramatically with scale and strong colour, often with a painterly or graphic style. These striking, confident designs work well when balanced with plain blocks of colour or monochrome, or when focused on one area, such as a window treatment, floor, or piece of furniture.”

12. Back to the 1930s

“The 30’s are back for 2017,” says Sian Parsons at John Cullen Lighting.

“From beautiful asymmetric shapes with long flowing arms, to classic etched glass and intimate, stylish floor standing lamps, we are expecting to see a 1930s influence throughout the home. The Art Deco era may be long behind us, but its key design elements have a great influence over next years’ decorative lighting.”

13. Luxury trends and materials

“In the luxury market, it’s all about opulence, texture and detailing,” says Emma Barber of EB Interiors. “Deep rich colours are to be paired with soft, beautiful textures and used alongside sleek lines. High end materials and textures such as velvets, marble, panelling, mosaics, stone and metallic are all popular alongside sleek lines.”

14. Authentic DIY

For those who enjoy crafts, 2017 could be a good year.

“Retro and vintage products will continue to be popular in 2017 and up-cycling is a trend we heartily encourage,” says Cato Cooper, from The Emporium Somerset.

“It’s all about working with what you have, buying appropriately and being individual. Take a good look at the furniture you already have at home and before thinking about getting something new to replace a piece, why not ask yourself a few candid questions. Could you use it somewhere different to greater effect? Could it benefit from a lick of paint and new door handles? It’s all food for thought.”

15. Sustainability is key

Considering the origins of products will become far more widespread in 2017.

“Our clients are becoming ever more aware of their carbon footprint,” notes Roselind Wilson, Owner and Creative Director of Roselind Wilson Design. “We need to be sympathetic towards our environment and this has become a significant factor in the client’s brief, the materials we specify and our overall approach to design for the home.”

16. Celebrate the outdoors

“The notion of bringing the outdoors in will continue into the new-year and goes hand-in-hand with the Pantone colour for 2017,” says Rachel Winham.

“Whether it’s opting for natural materials, adding more ‘live’ greenery to your home or just maximising your view of the outdoors with pared-back window treatments, the feeling of being completely immersed in nature couldn’t be easier. Nature, as a theme, is flourishing in the accessories department too with an abundance of butterfly focused prints and trinkets. Visit Cox & Cox or Graham and Green for more inspiration.

“Naturally, sustainability is a great consideration with this trend so always be mindful of the origin of your chosen product.”

17. Quality over quantity

Rather than going all-out with big investments in 2017, Cato Cooper recommends selecting some new accessories, fabrics and cushions that hit the right note.

“The emphasis this season is on making our homes practical as well as relaxing. When it comes to painting, embrace muted shades of blue, green, purple, mushroom and pink. For those who want a little more clout in their colours, look out for the primary trend of red, blue and yellow.”

Emma Barber agrees that clients are making the move from quantity to quality.

“Quality in our products is key, as consumers now want the pieces that are designed to last. We are buying fewer pieces for our home, therefore can afford to splash out on quality pieces which are designed to last and look beautiful. People are now more happy to wait to find the perfect piece as opposed to having it immediately.”

18. Industrial fusion

Wayne Dance, Managing Director at InHouse, predicts a change in thinking will have a big impact on interior design in the coming year.

“A stand-out trend for 2017 is industrial fusion - with colour, texture, form and function playing a key role. There is a clear shift towards rejecting superfluous consumerism in favour of considered purchases that add depth to our lives. In the current climate, both locally and globally, we want to feel grounded, and it is this desire that will continue to inspire the trend for industrial fusion.

“This is a look that combines the beauty of materials such as wood, stone and concrete and then creates innovative finishes and solutions by using advanced engineering. It’s a look that repurposes and redefines, creating designs that echo our desire to rein things back to what really matters: form, function and aesthetics.”

Thank you to all of the designers who helped with this article. We hope that it has inspired you to get creative with your home interiors in 2017.

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