29th August, 2017

Top interior design trends of 2017 so far

Top interior design trends of 2017 so far

Fine & Country Interior Design catch up with their design firms to report on the best of the summer trends they have used in their projects this season.


Different shades of metallic finishes seem constantly be on-trend throughout the seasons, whether it’s a metallic tinted wallpaper, a statement brass light feature, or metal constructed furniture. Last year copper was the finish of choice, but brass has made its comeback in summer 2017. Design firm Interiors by Sarah Ward have selected some stunning brass finishes for their recent clients.

“We find that metallic finishes look elegant and stylish in most situations, no matter if it is in the bathroom, on the legs or feet of furniture, or in lighting. My top tip is to make sure that only one or two finishes are used on each area. These are some of the recent items of furniture we’ve been selecting for our clients this season.”

Madison table by Tom Faulkner | Ochre Celestial Pebble Lights | Brizo- Litze Shower and thermostat

Tropical and botanical prints

One of the most memorable trends this summer has been the love for the flamboyant with colourful, tropical prints. South African design studio Ardmore collaborated with British wallpaper company Cole & Sons to create a collection of the most creative statement papers available, much to the overall delight of the industry.

Singita paper, Ardmore for Cole & Son | Leopard Walk paired with Zulu Border papers, Ardmore for Cole & Son

Our design firm Wickenden Hutley also made the most of this trend in one of their recently completed projects in central London.

Palm Leaves, Cole & Son

Barely-there pink

Pastel shades are usually popular over the summer, and this year, pink is the one our designers are using the most.

“We have loved using barely-there pale pink this summer, from clean bright tones to dustier antique rose. It's elegant and sophisticated, and can bring a softness to very tailored masculine scheme when combined with bold dark colours,” says design firm Wickenden Hutley.

One of Wickenden Hutley’s pink-enthused moodboards for their London based client | Wickenden Hutley – recently completed South London project

Bringing the indoors out

One of the biggest enjoyments of the summer months is being able to spend time outside in the garden, and one of the most common client requests is to extend the interiors to the outside so it can be enjoyed in comfort during the warmer months.

Another important collaboration within the industry this year has been between US design studio Pollack and UK-based textiles company A Rum Fellow. The latter has become famous for their fabulous Ikat fabric range (also popularised by Kit Kemp in some of her designs for the Firmdale hotels). The two collaborated specifically to design a range of durable, weather resistant and versatile prints to work seamlessly both inside and out.

Pollack and A Rum Fellow Indoor, Outdoor Collection

This trend can also be seen in many of our designers’ projects this season:

Wickenden Hutley - Fulham home | Base Interior - Hampstead home

Go natural – deep green

The colour on everyone’s lips for spring/summer this year has been green. A celebration of the warmer months and bringing nature indoors has resulted in some strong designs brimming with character and design flair.

Stunning deep green bed by Base Interior in their recently completed Hampstead project, featuring a satin headboard and matching deep green velvet TV box at the foot of the bed.

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