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1st April, 2020

Top Tips To Host Virtual Viewings

Top Tips To Host Virtual Viewings

Around the world, as homeowners are social distancing, the focus is shifting to digital tools to help sell your property. Discover our top tips to present your home through video marketing.

How To Host Virtual Viewings During Social Distancing

Recognise opportunity

As most people across the globe are required to self-isolate, this means a lot of prospective buyers are spending significantly more time on the internet and social media, which means more online exposure for your property.

Virtual tours and viewings are the perfect way to capture their attention and showcase your property in a safe, professional and accessible way.

Speak to the professionals

Before you pick up a camera and start filming, contact your local Fine & Country agent who will be able to advise on the best way to approach digitally marketing your home. Consider a video call, as not only will you be able to familiarise yourself with your agent and become comfortable on camera, but this is also the perfect opportunity to show them your property.

Where to start

The key questions you need to be considering, and should be discussing with your agent are:


Will you be walking through your home, actively presenting it to the viewer or will you be behind the camera, offering a silent tour that they can edit afterwards? This will depend, not only on how comfortable you are on camera, but on what the agent advises is best for marketing your property as well.


Smartphones now offer fantastic filming capabilities, but you may need some additional equipment to assist in keeping your videos professional and seamless. Speak to your agent, show them the device you will be filming from and ask for their advice.


Consider taking photos as well as a video to ensure you’re capturing the right angles of the home to showcase it in the very best light. Speak to your agent and ask their opinion as they may have a better vision of what the end product will be.


How will you send the video file over to them? It is important to note that videos are larger files and will require to be sent through a platform such as WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive to ensure the agents receive it efficiently and quickly.


Remember, estate agents are also self-isolating at the moment and so you need to clarify what the editing process will be and whether they have the tools required to edit the video appropriately.

Tips for filming

Just like with any house viewing, being prepared will make all the difference.

Here are some of our top tips to get you started:

1. Less is more

Clear your space of any clutter or valuables that you wouldn’t want showcased to such a huge audience.

2. Prepare your video beforehand

Plan the order in which you will showcase each room, starting and ending with memorable spaces such as the kitchen, living room or garden.

3. External noise

Although your agent may opt to add some background music to your video, you should always ensure to block out as much external noise as you can. Close your windows and ensure appliances are turned off during filming.

4. Light it up

Your estate agent will tell you that rooms with an abundance of natural light are ideal when taking photos or videos of your home. We understand that not every room will be flooded with light all day, but there are steps you can take such as opening curtains or blinds, turning on lights or lamps, and filming at the right time of the day, to ensure your home is presented right. Additionally, including a window will draw the eye out beyond the room, particularly if you have a lovely view, and will give the illusion of more space.

5. Open doors

Keeping your doors open will not only make the house feel more open and spacious, but it will make for a smoother take if you don’t have to open and close the doors to each room during filming.

6. Practice makes perfect

It can be nerve-wracking being on camera for the first time and so doing a test run will make all the difference to the quality and seamlessness of your video.

7. Smile

If you are going to be featured in the video, remember to smile as a warm, friendly face will be inviting to the viewer.

8. Speak clearly

Again, if you’re planning on being on camera, or filming a voiceover, remember to enunciate and speak loudly and clearly to ensure the viewers can understand the audio. Don’t forget to highlight the key features of each room and mention the things you love about your home and the area you live in.

9. Video format

When it comes to social media, property portals and other digital tools, these platforms opt for landscape over portrait formatting. Remember to hold the camera steady with two hands – if you are struggling with this, your agent should be able to recommend some key pieces of equipment to assist you.

10. Visuals

Try to look as natural as you can on camera – the beauty of filming videos is if you’re not happy with it, you can always try again or re-film certain aspects of the video. Try to film from around chest-height to ensure the proportions of the home are not misleading and consider slow sweeping shots, moving the camera from one corner of the room to another.

Get in touch with Fine & Country today...

If you are looking to sell your property throughout this current climate, then make sure to put our top tips into practice and please do get in touch with your local Fine & Country agent if you have any questions at all or require any assistance.

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