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15th November, 2017

Top tips to sell your home quickly in a competitive property market

Top tips to sell your home quickly in a competitive property market

A home is, for many, the beating heart of their family, full of happy memories and much-loved possessions. When it comes to selling, it can be both exhausting and emotionally draining. However, the most successful sellers are the ones who recognise it as an important moment to release as much capital investment as possible. Selling quickly, for the highest possible price does, however, take some work.

We’ve caught up with our staging and styling experts EHG Home who specialise in selling properties for homeowners and developers around the UK to give you their top tips.

1. Images, images, images

Having great imagery is the best way to sell your property. Most buyers now view properties online, so having gorgeous up-to-date pictures will help make that all-important sale even easier and help drive more potential buyers to visit your home.

2. Accessorise

Never underestimate the power of accessories. Kate Haynes from EHG Home says: “Accessories help to pull a design together to leave a lasting impression and can draw in a prospective buyer. Choosing the right accessories and décor can bring a space to life and inject some much-needed personality. However, make sure you don’t have too many cluttering up your shelves – be selective!”

3. The smaller things

With everything in life, the devil is in the detail. Kate says: “It may not seem like a big deal, but make sure that all the maintenance works i.e. sliding doors, windows, paint, sockets and plugs are all in good working order - the attention to detail matters!”

4. Curb appeal

Don’t forget that selling your property includes the outdoor areas too. Make sure you keep these tidy and clear. “We find a lot of tenants and buyers are looking through the windows rather than focussing on the inside as they want to see the entire property is looked after and nothing has been missed out,” says Kate.

5. Keep it fresh

When it comes to properties, the design and scent of a home go hand-in-hand. “We always pop a lovely smelly diffuser in a hallway or on a coffee table to give a welcoming smell,” advises Kate.

6. Light it up

It's important to let as much natural light into your property as possible. However, as the nights draw in at this time of year, Kate suggests “having lights in little corners to help create the illusion of more space and cast a cosy glow throughout. It is vital for these wintry months.”

To find out more about EHG Home, visit their website.

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