7th July, 2022

Transform an Unused Space in Your Home

Transform an Unused Space in Your Home

For our interior enthusiasts and design-savvy creatives, there are probably a few nooks and crannies left in your home that you would love to put to better use. Here are some top tips for transforming those extra spaces in your house to their fullest potential.

Grand entryways

The entryway is the opening scene to the rest of your house, so it needs to leave a lasting impression. Implement vibrant rugs and statement light fixtures to introduce any colour themes you have throughout your home. Greet your guests with an accent wall or by hanging up a show-piece painting facing the doorway. Don’t forget the staircase; angling various photo frames up the wall adds a personal touch and is a perfect use of the wall space. You can also decorate the bannister according to the seasons – this summer calls for faux ivy garlands.

The entryway is the opening scene to the rest of your house, so it needs to leave a lasting impression

Spare bedrooms

Guest bedrooms certainly have their uses, but if you find yourself only having guests over every once and a while and you feel as though your spare room is collecting dust, it might be a good idea to add another purpose to the space. Home offices and gyms needn’t take up the whole room; implement desks and shelves in any corners or unused spaces, and store away any equipment that doesn’t match the room’s theme when guests do come over.

Lofts and attics

Lofts and attics can make for stunning bedroom spaces. Fitting windows to the ceilings will give you a view of the night stars from your bed. The exposed beams and slanted walls offer a cosy ambience and give the room a touch of charm and character. This is also a perfect hide-out space for showcasing any hobbies like a guitar collection or a pool table, which you can enjoy in a quiet ambience that feels slightly separate from the rest of the house.

The garden shed

Whether it’s a garden bar, a hide-out for cosy movie nights or a playhouse for the kids, garden sheds offer more space worth using. Installing solar lights will prevent you from spending on a qualified electrician, and all you need to do is attach the panel to the shed roof, run the cable through a drilled hole and attach the light. Once you have transformed your shed with some great lighting, you can start adding your favourite cosy accessories for a private getaway spot in your back garden.

garden sheds offer more space worth using

Under staircases

A particular wizard with glasses and a scar comes to mind when we think of the cupboard under the stairs, and while you likely won't want to sleep under there, you can certainly utilise the space. Under staircase conversions are a rising trend, from warm cosy reading nooks to pull-out shelves and drawers, the small space is a great opportunity to add some character to your home. Some less conventional ideas include a miniature living room for your pet, a hiding place for your washing machine, or even a secret wine cellar.

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