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1st June, 2023

Transform your home for summer

Transform your home for summer

Whenever a new season arrives, many of us are invigorated with the urge to completely transform our homes, especially as new trends develop. However, a top-to-bottom transformation does not always mean starting from scratch, as there are plenty of simple ways to breathe new life into your home in time for summer. Here are some small updates that will make a big difference in your home…

Go floral

Floral patterns and their vibrant colours look great in the home while the sun is flooding in, and you can make any room in your house more playful and bright by layering flowery patterns and vases of your favourite summer blooms.

Embrace colour

Summer is the perfect time to introduce pops of colour. There is no need to overwhelm the space with traffic-stopping primaries, but you can implement any of your favourite colours through thoughtful and small accents. Whether it is a throw pillow, a new vase or an eye-catching painting, a splash of vibrancy in all the right places can give a neutral colour scheme an effortless summertime makeover.

Prep the patio

Get your garden ready for al fresco entertaining by carving out an enticing outdoor living area. Prepare your patio with a sweep and a power wash before introducing a colourful outdoor rug for your garden furniture to sit on. A cosy set-up in a nice shady spot can function as a breakfast room, a reading nook or a dinner table for your guests, so design with comfort in mind using thick pillows and blankets for cooler evenings, scented candles for the table and twinkling fairy lights for the fences and pergola.

Open up the bar

Drinks designed for relaxing deserve a dedicated station this season, so find a place to display your cocktail kits, fresh fruit slices and colourful bottles ready for warm weather. A home bar can be anything you want it to be; whether it’s a console in the kitchen, a well-stocked table in the garden or a quaint bar cart for the living room, have your favourite weekend tipples ready to hand for you and your guests.

Switch textures

Warmer weather calls for light and airy fabrics, so switch out your fluffy blankets and cosy throws for fresh linen sheets, and replace your thick carpets with thin and bright kilims. Don’t forget to let the sunshine flood in by swapping any heavy, dark curtains for sheer fabric in neutral shades.

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