9th June, 2017

UK General Election results: what are the Conservative’s plans for the housing market?

UK General Election results: what are the Conservative’s plans for the housing market?

As the result emerges of a hung parliament in the 2017 UK General Election, we look at the largest party’s plan for the housing market.

New Homes

The Conservatives say they will “fix the dysfunctional housing market so that housing is more affordable and people have the security they need to plan for the future. The key to this is to build enough homes to meet demand. That will slow the rise in housing costs so more ordinary, working families can afford to buy a home and bring the cost of renting down. And it will ensure that more private capital is invested in more productive investment, helping the economy to grow faster and more securely in future years.”

In 2015, they committed to deliver a million homes by the end of 2020, and they now say they will deliver half a million more by the end of 2022. They say these homes will be of a higher quality.

They say they will deliver the reforms proposed in their Housing White Paper to free up more land for new homes in the right places, speed up build-out by encouraging modern methods of construction and give councils powers to intervene where developers do not act on their planning permissions.

Existing strong protections on designated land like the Green Belt, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty will continue.

They said in their manifesto: “We will help councils to build, but only those councils who will build high-quality, sustainable and integrated communities. We will enter into new Council Housing Deals with ambitious, pro-development, local authorities to help them build more social housing.”

First-time buyers and renting

The Conservatives said in their manifesto: “We will continue to support those struggling to buy or rent a home, including those living in a home owned by a housing association.”


They plan to implement the Homelessness Reduction Act to combat homelessness and rough sleeping.

“Our aim will be to halve rough sleeping over the course of the parliament and eliminate it altogether by 2027. To achieve this, we will set up a new homelessness reduction taskforce that will focus on prevention and affordable housing, and we will pilot a Housing First approach to tackle rough sleeping.”

For their full manifesto, including further information on housing: https://www.conservatives.com/manifesto

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