21st October, 2016

What colour door sells your home the fastest?

What colour door sells your home the fastest?

First impressions count, but what colour door will sell your home the fastest? We asked our agents both in the UK and around the globe for their advice. Three colours consistently came up: grey, blue and shiny black. Yet it all depends on where your home is located. A London property with an elephant grey door is both fashionable and will give the right impression. A country cottage with a vibrant yellow door will attract potential buyers. However, it all depends on personal taste and fashion. Here are 9 views from Fine & Country agents.

Charles Eddlestone, Fine & Country Fulham:

“One colour door that is particularly popular in Fulham is an elephant grey. This gives a chic and contemporary look, which complements the property. Fulham homes tend to have large numbers with chrome door furniture. Lighting is key, too.”

Tasso Road, Fulham, £1,200,000

Jo Parry, Fine & Country Monmouth:

“In Wales a black and shiny door always sets the right tone with potential buyers. Think 10 Downing Street. For country cottages, many owners often add a splash of yellow to make the house look more creative and give it a warm, homely feel. Alternatively, evergreen is a lovely colour and is pleasing on the eye.”

Highfield Close, Monmouthshire, £560,000

Carina, Fine & Country Webbers:

“Countryside front doors look best in duck egg blue or light biscuit colours. Duck egg blue is generally welcoming, noticeable but not too overpowering. Whereas, in London black, red and dark blue tend to be the most popular colours.”

Greenway, Taunton, £625,000

Loraine Murphy, Fine & Country Marbella:

“Here in Marbella, we tend to only see natural wood or occasionally white painted doors. Some of the modern villas have glass doors with modern design features.”

Guadalmina Baja, POA

Henry Durant, Fine & Country Pembrokeshire:

“A composite grey door with a matching house sign on a Victorian property is always my favourite. Grey is very trendy at the moment. Buyers also comment on Dutch blue paint as it is striking and memorable."

Louise Chapman, Fine & Country Nantwich:

“The colours of choice at the moment seem to be heritage blues, green and greys which are currently on trend. Traditional black is popular for Georgian houses.”

Matthew Blower, Fine & Country Bath:

“Bath is full of Georgian gems with impressive doors. Many have beautiful surrounds and delicate sky lights, too. One colour that stands out is a black gloss door with chrome or nickel door pulls and letterboxes."

Kings Square, near Bath, £995,000

Adi Tahiri, Fine & Country Mayfair:

“The door colour is important but what lies beyond is important too. A light and warm colour (green or pink) shows that someone has taken care of their home. When showing someone around a house for the first time, the door should be opened to give a welcoming feel.”

Greville Place, £6,995,000

Annemarie Cilliers, Fine & Country Durbanville, South Africa:

“Personally, I would go for a dark Cerise pink. This adds a modern feel which many buyers in South Africa are instantly drawn towards.”

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