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25th January, 2018

What features in your home sell your house faster?

What features in your home sell your house faster?

Are you thinking about selling in 2018? We ask our agents what features sell your home faster. You might be surprised at which key features will make your property stand out in a competitive market. Think romantic fireplaces, Georgian shutters and original wooden floorboards. It often comes down to personal taste and preference in your area, but some features will always prove popular with buyers.

Adam Tahir, Fine & Country Finsbury Park:

“The most idealistic features are ones from Victorian, Edwardian and Tudor periods. Fireplaces, wooden strip floor boards, Georgian sash windows and unique beams are all features that can help sell your house. However, if you find yourself in a new build type and style, then technology is the way forward. For example: App controlled central heating and wall mounted televisions.

“Any type and style of property can sell, but the key is to ensure you stand out above the rest and that accessories emphasise the era in which your property is built. If you do own a Victorian conversion with a glorious open fire place surrounded in rare marble then ensure it is in full working order. The cosiness and the romantic notion of the fireplace helps in all occasions. If you find yourself with a new build, focus on the LED bulbs and brightness at efficient rates always help. Don't be afraid to pay a few pounds to have the wall mounted with a smart television. Focus on App affiliated central heating and that will help make the property far more desirable than just price alone," concludes Adam.

Lambs Cottage, Fine & Country Finsbury Park

Erwin, Fine & Country Dubai:

“Fresh paint provides the best chance to make more money and can help you to sell your home faster. It is a great thing to apply a fresh coat to walls and even ceilings. Bright white ceilings enhance perceived height and natural light,” says Erwin.

James Skudder, Fine & Country Pembrokeshire:

“Wood burners and open fires are really on-trend at the moment. Spending a few hundred pounds investing in a wood burner may increase marketability. Open fires are appealing to all generations creating a cosy winter ambience for any buyer. Other small tips include making sure you get all the little jobs done, like replacing light bulbs and creating the sense of a loved family home,” explains James.

Lancych Mansion, Pembrokeshire, £1,150,000

Kirsty, Lemon & Lime interiors, Fine & Country Interior Design:

“We have listed a few features we know add value when selling a home and attract viewers’ interest.

“Firstly the patio. Never neglect your back garden. Buyers will often be looking for a safe space for their children to play and a space to entertain guests. Placing a table and chairs as if ready to share a meal with friends or some luxurious outdoor seating with cushions will complement the look.

“Secondly the fireplace. Make the most of the character in your property. Show off your fireplace, remove anything obstructing its look and if you have a log burner, clean the glass.

“Finally, the space is the most important feature on a lot of buyers’ minds when viewing houses. Clutter and dark walls will make rooms appear smaller. Open them up with bright lighting and light walls and get rid of that clutter right now," explains Kirsty.

Barbara Kriel, Fine & Country Stellenbosch, South Africa:

“Modern bathrooms are a must when it comes to squeezing that little bit extra out of a buyer. Don’t be tempted to remove a bath from your home. Families with babies need it and could be put off at the thought of spending money on renovating the bathroom. A bath and shower are big advantages.

“A modern and well-fitted kitchen, which is often thought to be the heart of the home, is a major factor for buyers. In South Africa, properties across a broad spectrum of price ranges take security very seriously due to the high crime rate. Gated estates with a 24-hour guard plus electric fencing, beams and burglar bars are very popular throughout South Africa. However, Stellenbosch, which is situated in a picturesque wine growing region of the Western Cape, still enjoys larger free-standing homes.

“Secure parking on the property itself is also attractive to buyers as it is perceived to be more secure than leaving cars at risk on the pavement outside," says Barbara.

Elizabeth McKenzie, Fine & Country Midrands, South Africa:

“The current trend is light, bright and white. With the hot climate in South Africa, double glazing has become a must have and certainly adds to the value and resale prospect. Gas and solar power and heating are more in demand from the younger generation buyer who is very much geared towards sustainable living, of course these come in very handy when we get hit with planned power outages due to insufficient electrical supply in our bigger cities. Interior, brand names are the order of the day in kitchens as well as bathrooms," explains Elizabeth.

Waterfall Equestrian Estate, South Africa

Dave Jones, Fine & Country Randburg, South Africa:

“Certainly homes with great security such as alarm systems, electrified fences, beams, burglar bars make a home sell quicker and for more money as the buyers do not have to fork out additional cash to add these in when buying a new home," says Dave.

Marianne du Plessis, Fine & Country Sandton, South Africa:

“A good view is always a main attraction. Buyers enjoy a scenic outlook from their homes and will usually pay a premium for this. Good security that is already installed is always sought-after e.g. alarm system, garden beams and good exterior lighting. Interior electronic climate control (heating and cooling) systems are popular. A well-maintained home with modern finishes and clutter-free spaces reassures the buyer that the home is worth its price. Clients are happy to pay more for exceptional kitchens. The more en-suite bathrooms a home has, the more likely it is to achieve a higher asking price,” concludes Marianne.

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