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1st March, 2018

What Parts of Your Neighbourhood Boost the Value of Your Home?

What Parts of Your Neighbourhood Boost the Value of Your Home?

Did you know that the price of your property doesn’t depend on your home alone? Your area can increase the value of your property significantly. We’ve identified some of the most common value-boosting parts of your neighbourhood. Take a look and find out how the area you live in is increasing the price of your property.

Mature Trees

One of the most desirable parts of a neighbourhood is its greenery. Well-established neighbourhoods often have a large leafy canopy to shield them from the sun. Trees have become a commodity because developers have found it easier to cut down large trees and plant new ones rather than working around the established growth. If your property has mature trees, it’s positively affecting the price of your home.

An Engaged Community

Does your community have organised groups? A strong community is extremely attractive for potential buyers and can raise the price of your property. A neighbourhood watch service, local shops, and any kind of community get-togethers are all good examples of community engagement that potential buyers will notice.

Easy Access to Amenities

If your home is close to a shop or supermarket, the price of your property should reflect it. Being able to pop to the shops for a pint of milk is a luxury your potential buyers will be willing to afford. When an estate agent comes to value your property, be sure to mention the close proximity of a shopping centre, as well as any local pubs or restaurants.

Good Schools

Of course, the quality of the schools in your area is one of the main aspects of price. A home in the catchment area of a good school will be more expensive than its counterpart in an area with a mid-level Ofsted rating. Check the ratings of schools in your area and let your estate agent know about high-quality schools during your valuation.

Historic Connections

Historic neighbourhoods have an interesting past and are loaded with charm. The character you’ll find with a historic home can’t be replicated, and that’s why this these connections add significant value to your property.


Whether it’s a dog park or just a classic leafy green area, there’s no denying that proximity to parks adds value to your home. A park in walking distance is certainly something to highlight to a potential buyer, and something you should be willing to pay a little extra for if you’re purchasing a property. Parks are great for families with young children, as well as any nature-loving adults.


Can you walk from your home to the supermarket, shopping centre, local schools, and parks? There’s something about being able to walk everywhere that adds an old-school charm to an area, and that old-school charm means significant price increases. People of all ages enjoy walking and being in close proximity to their local community, so this is an attribute that you can highlight for any potential buyer, and one that you should look for when purchasing a property, too.

Future Plans

Whether or not you’re considering selling soon, keep an eye on the future plans of your area. Check with your local community to find out what chain retailers are coming to the area, or if there is a refurbishment project planned. A new railway or motorway extension can also greatly impact your neighbourhood (and the price of your home). The community you live in can add considerable value to your property, and if these amenities are on the way, they can boost the value of your neighbourhood once they arrive.

Access to Jobs

One of the best indicators of neighbourhood value is its access to employment. Is your neighbourhood close to convenient transport links that will bring you into a city centre? Is there a research facility, hospital, university, or thriving shops that are easy to get to? If so, their proximity is increasing the value of your home.

Tidy Neighbours

Are the gardens in your area clean and well-kept? Does the paint look fresh and new? The look of the overall neighbourhood, not just your property, can affect the price of your home. If your neighbours take pride in their space and keep it clean and tidy, this can add value to your property (as well as adding kerb appeal). When you’re viewing properties, take a look around to see how the neighbours take care of their homes.

Are you looking for your dream home? Your local Fine & Country agent can help you find a home with mature trees, great schools, and access to amenities. Contact us and get started today.

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