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20th July, 2020

Work from home in style

Work from home in style

Working from home can be challenging, especially with the additional stresses that the lockdown has introduced. Fine & Country Property Staging offer styling tips to transform your workspace into an organised, enjoyable environment.

The idea of being confined to the dining table, surrounded by books and papers is not a welcoming concept. You need to have space to work, make calls and use your computer without the need to tidy everything away to eat dinner or help your children with schoolwork. With this in mind, here are five key tips to make the most of the space you have.

A suitable desk

A good desk is a great investment. Choose one with large drawers to store paperwork, or to store your equipment or laptop after a long day. This will give you the best chance at staying organised and will allow you to leave the room clean and tidy when your workday is over.

The industrial aesthetic works really well for a home office and will likely complement other furniture if your office is in part of an existing living space.

Sitting comfortably

The chair you use is extremely important, as it can affect your posture, breathing, fatigue, and as a result, your productivity.

Many modern offices opt for exercise balls, not to exercise with, but to help with bad posture. If this does not appeal to you, then choose a chair with a high back and ultra-comfort; avoid perching on a dining or kitchen chair. You will be sitting here for the majority of your day, so choose wisely. Remember, you do not have to sacrifice style for comfort; chic yet comfortable options are easier to find than you may think.


Maintain good lighting and add in table lamps if your room does not get sufficient natural light. Position your desk near to a window if you can, so you can enjoy the perk of gazing out at nature whilst working through your tasks. A connection with nature has been proven to benefit your mental health, which is essential in such an unusual time, especially if you are not used to working remotely.

Colour scheme

We recommend keeping the decor light and airy, using neutral tones and white on the walls. This will leave room for flexibility in the design of the space, and you can then accessorise with bursts of colour throughout the space whilst avoiding distraction.

Certain colours are known to alter your mood, so this is worth keeping in mind when considering your colour scheme. For example, aquatic colours like blues and greens are known to boost productivity as they create a sense of balance, and blue in particular is thought to lower heart rate and blood pressure. As a rule of thumb, pastel tones encourage a tranquil atmosphere, whilst yellow is reflective of sunshine and promotes happiness. Avoiding loud or brash tones will likely keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Office accessories

Artwork, pictures and plants make the room feel less clinical. Statement art pieces work really well, or you could introduce blown-up images of your favourite holiday destinations or hang photographs of your loved ones. Introduce varying textures through rugs and cushions, arrange your bookcase in colour order and add accessories to shelves to bring some personality and a sense of style to the space.

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