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Contact the Fine & Country {{SITE_NAME}} Head Office on {{TEL_NO}} for one of the best selections of fine city and country property for sale in the area.

Fine & Country also offers a free valuation service if you are thinking of selling.

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Our consistent efforts to offer innovative marketing combined with a high level of service have been recognised by the industry for an astounding fifth year in a row, winning Best International Real Estate Agency Marketing at the International Residential Property Awards.


Every Fine & Country agent is a highly proficient and professional independent estate agent, operating to strict codes of conduct and dedicated to you. They will assist, advise and inform you through each stage of the property transaction.



With offices in over 300 locations worldwide we combine the widespread exposure of the international marketplace with national marketing campaigns and local expertise and knowledge of carefully selected independent property professionals.


People buy as much into lifestyle of a property and its location as they do the bricks and mortar. We utilize sophisticated, intelligent and creative marketing that provides the type of information buyers would never normally see with other agents.



Access the lucrative London and international investor market from our prestigious Park Lane showrooms at 121 Park Lane, Mayfair. Our showrooms in London are amongst the very best placed in Europe, attracting clients from all over the world.

Our International Network

Connecting offices on over 300 locations worldwide, our referral system combines local knowledge and expertise with an international network to find the right buyer for you wherever they are, at the same time as finding you your ideal next move

Our International Websites

United KingdomFranceHungaryCyprusGermanySpainPortugalMauritiusHong KongNamibiaNigeriaSouth AfricaAustraliaFloridaZimbabwe


We interact with customers on the main social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+, giving each property maximum online exposure.


Media Centre

MEDIA CENTRE Our internal Media Centre is a team of experienced press relations managers and copy writers dedicated to liaising with newspapers, magazines and other media outlets to gain extensive coverage for our properties in national and local media.